Saturday, December 3, 2011

DAY 11

I have decided that I need to relax. I have been trying to do everything at once for the longest time. The holiday season is fast approaching and this is the time of year where anxiety and stress levels usually max out. This year, however, I am going to do my best to relax and enjoy the season. Watching my son take a nap on the floor after playing, not a care in the world (other than getting food in his mouth as fast as he can), I think I am starting to realize that relaxation is very important and just taking a step back to enjoy what I have and the people I love, is what life is about.

The death of my daughter is with me every day. I think about what she missed not being here, I think about what I am missing, her not being here. My heart aches for her and I still catch myself saying "I don't know what I'd do without her" but here I am, Lila-less. My little baby girl.

My heart hangs on every rise and fall of my son's chest. I watch him sleep. Every time he shuts his eyes, my anxiety level shoots through the roof.

My daughter loved to roll, she rolled in her sleep, they say that's how she died from SIDS. It was because she was face down. Yesterday my son rolled onto his stomach for the first time. I was proud and terrified at the same time. I was so happy that he had gotten stronger and learned something and I was just gleaming with pride in my little boy. But what if he does that in his sleep? While he's napping? If no one is watching? Even for a minute. All it took was a few minutes for my daughter to pass away. All it takes is a second of not watching his chest rising and falling.

Every day I live in a state of panic. I am starting to feel more grateful for what I have. I need to realize that every day could be the last with anyone I love, and I need to spend my time more wisely. I need to cherish moments when I can. I need to do more living in the moment.

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  1. My friend, be at peace. You well know you'll see her again someday soon. Hope, love, cherish the memories, and pray. Never cease praying. 'Pray' through your works, your sufferings, your joys and your defeats. Just as I love Jesus, too, so I love you, dude. God bless you. See ya soon.