Thursday, December 1, 2011

DAY 10

Lately for some reason all I can do is clean. I clean everything, all the time. In a week I have effectively cleaned almost every room in the house. I want to change all the furniture and make the house look like an adult lives in it, not a bunch of college students (plus one high school student, and a baby). My husband is actually going along with it. I think he knows I've been really upset lately and for some reason cleaning has been making me feel better. We picked out a new couch yesterday and he has promised to get rid of the old ones (we have three...he collects them). We are also getting a new entertainment center, coffee table and bookshelf. My parents are so happy because they cab finally clean out their house because we are cleaning out ours and they are giving us my great great grandma's dining room table with six chairs and a matching hutch as well as some shelving units, an antique sewing machine, a bed, and a trunk. I am so excited I just had to share. :)

Today has been a good day.

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