Saturday, November 19, 2011


Today started out good. It ended with me being really sick...on the up side, I got extra love from my husband. I got a new jacket today. I have been wanting a snowmobile jacket since I was in high school and my wish was finally granted! ...By my mom...but that's not the point. The point is, I got the jacket I wanted. I also felt like a teenager because after I got my new jacket that my mommy bought me, I drank milk out of the jug...while I was driving. I also learned that in the state of Minnesota, it is perfectly legal for me to drink alcoholic beverages at my parent or guardian's house as long as it's okay with my parent or guardian. I used this fact and twisted it into, "I can drink in my own home, because I know it's okay with my husband who is of legal drinking age". I'm not sure why this made me happy, because I don't drink anyway, but it was a handy fact to know I suppose.

On the sad note, today people were asking me if James (our son) was our first child. I hate answering that question. My best friend and I went to a dinner for OES to eat some delicious meatballs. Everyone was like "awww, baby!" which I have now learned to hate. I hate when people fawn over my baby. It really irritates me. First of all, it makes me think of how people used to fawn over Lila and how perfect she was. Second, it usually leads to a question about how I'm doing (with the death of my daughter), if he's our first, how old I am, and various other annoying questions that I really feel other people don't need to know about me. Third, it's just obnoxious. I feel violated when you smell my baby, just to let you know.

Lately, to help me feel better, I've been reading Texts From Last Night and FML. In case you were wondering, they are hilarious! Although they really don't make it hurt any less, they make me laugh, which is apparently very good for your health.

James update:
He can now jump so high in his bouncer that it lifts off the ground. Scary, but slightly entertaining. I guess that's why they say to only use with supervision.
He smiles AND giggles
He is now officially bigger at almost 3 months old than his sister was at 5 months old. I'm not sure whether to be proud of that or worried.

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